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Not ready to invest just yet, or have some questions to ask? Please let us know us know if there is anything we can help you with.


Tías Villas is conceptualised, designed and owned by PT Boutique Properties Lombok. We are a boutique hotel company created by two German partners with a strong passion for design. We are proud to be have worked with an award winning Indonesian-based Architect and with Hong-Kong based Interior Designers to bring our vision to life.

PT Boutique Properties Lombok will be the management company for all Tías Villas.

Tías Villas is a boutique villa resort in Kuta Lombok with a total of 15 villas – a tropical, modern and private oasis just a stone’s throw away from all the restaurants, bars and co-working spaces.

Tías Villas will be built on a total area of 4,400sqm. We have designed the layout around the beautiful coconut trees that have grown naturally on the land, providing each villa with privacy as well as offering a tropical ambience and plenty of shade on hot summer days.

By purchasing a villa at Tías Villas, not only are you buying into a community and lifestyle on a beautiful paradise island, but you will have very tangible bene-fits as well, including:

‒ Owning a property in a prime and growing resort destination
‒ Enjoying a healthy return on investment from the rental income of your villa
‒ Strong capital appreciation of your property
‒ Be part of the Tías Villas marketing and reservations system
‒ End to end maintenance of your villa by a dedicated Tías team
‒ Quarterly financial and operational updates
‒ On site concierge service to support all of your needs

Based on both government and private projections, we have conservatively forecast that returns will be in the region of 10% to 16% per annum.

As the owner, you always have the option to sell on the open market or appoint our management to sell through our channels.

Yes, you can purchase land as a foreigner, and there are several ways to structure this. You may purchase land as a long-term leaseholder or via HBG certificate. To hold a HGB title, you need to own/ set up an Indonesian company (PT PMA) first. Alternatively we also offer the option to own a villa via a shareholderstructure of PT Boutique Properties Lombok.

Villa buyers are responsible for paying 10% of the purchase price as PPN tax and a 2% notary fee. In addition, there is a monthly maintenance and service fee dependent on the size of your property.

Some primary factors in choosing the right land and hotel investments are the nightly room rates and occupancy level in the identified destination. Villas in Lombok often charge USD 300-400 per night and yet command an 80% occupancy level year round, with ever growing tourist arrivals and demand exceeding supply. In comparison, in saturated markets such as Bali or other popular tourist destinations, this is significantly harder to achieve. Investing now will give you an early mover advantage with higher returns, including land appreciation.

A complete step by step process will be sent upon request. Please contact us through the Enquiry Form.

We are working with several well reputed professionals, including a Mataram based law firm, a Lombok based Notary Office, and all relevant government institutions.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we will provide you with the detailed management agreement. Please contact us through the Enquiry Form.

Your villa price will include:
‒ Clear land title
‒ Clear access to the property
‒ Private parking
‒ All necessary licenses
‒ All interior furniture and fittings

While exact timelines depend on the villa and plot selection, we estimate a maximum of 15 months for construction and furnishing. For more detailed infor- mation, please contact us through the Enquiry Form.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring a smooth end to end construction process. This includes ensuring the building permit (IMB, or Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan) is issued before construction starts, setting and controlling the building schedule, inspecting the standard of work and materials supplied, controlling the architectural and design aspects, managing the construction cost etc.

Kuta is a rapidly growing town that offers a wide variety of activities to residents and visitors; water activities include snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, kite-surfing and surfing, while land sports include yoga, hiking, waterfall tours, horse riding, mountain biking, moto-cross, golf and para-gliding.
Visitors can also experience the warm local Sasak culture by visiting traditional villages, where local crafts such as ceramics and textiles are made.

South Lombok enjoys a beautiful, tropical climate all year around. Temperatures range between 23-31 degrees Celsius (73-88 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of the trade winds, the south of the island endures less rainfall than the North. The dry season in the south ranges from May to November, while the wet season lasts from December to April.

Yes, all villas come with a 24-hour security service and CCTV coverage.

Mortgages in Indonesia are difficult to obtain for foreigners. Furthermore, they are typically over a short timeframe (<5 years) and attract very high interest rates and are therefore generally not an option for foreign buyers. Tías Villas offers buyers the option of staged installments across 12 months.

Lombok is an all year round destination. The high season runs from May to November (aligned to the dry season), with Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter also being very busy periods. While there are certainly peak periods, we predict that the lack of high quality villas in the area will create year-round demand. Average occupancy across Lombok is approximately 75% and in South Lombok, comparable luxury developments experience between 80 to 90% occupancy throughout the year. Our ROI-calculations are based on a occupancy rate of 75%.

Yes, Construction All Risks (CAR) insurance can be provided throughout the construction stage. Once the villa is completed, building and contents insurance will be put into place, which also covers you against all force majeure events. All insurance coverage provided is through large reputable international companies.